Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I´m not a big fan of sauces, but since a while I´ve been remembering one I tried long ago in a Catalan restaurant: Romesco Sauce.
It has all the flavours of Spring and more, but I had never prepare it before cause for some reason it sounded a little intimidating, well, not anymore, with this recipe there is no fear at all, so simple, yet incredible delicious.
One day I use it in a spinach-ham Sandwich, and discover why should I change mayonnaise for!! The next day use it with chicken in a salad and the third day with some boiled potatoes garnishing grilled fish.
You may think it is way too much romesco, but it´s not.

I kept it in a jar, and from now on will be a "must" in my refrigerator.
In the recipe mention that you can freeze it, but there is no time to do so once you try it.

I know I know, looking for a Spanish recipe in Martha´s web site, well, Martha knows a lot of things, and all of them are great!

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