Friday, April 10, 2009

Carey Bar

In no particular order this was the first Bar to visit for the Pintxo taste: Carey Bar.

This is the bar itself, a small place, brand new and with a nice modern-cozy feeling.

These are samples of normal daily pintxos they offer, shown on top of the big bar table so you can see what you can get. Pinxtos look very nice and artistic.
These are the two in contest:

a) Gazpacho (cold tomato-bell peppers soup) in the glass, fresh marinade anchovies with green olive jam and sprouts, over s super thin slice of toasted bread.
b) Foie Patèe, thin slice of mushroom and rose petal preserves, all over a crunchy toast of bread.
Delicate and delicious flavours, really a good choice.

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