Wednesday, April 8, 2009

VII Contest "Pintxo de Alava"

From April 3rd to 17th we can enjoy of the best creations in town. 60 bars participate in this contest of the best Pintxo of the City, each bar offers two pintxos in contest, besides all the ones they offer daily. So there are lots of Pintxos to try, and gladly a lot of them look very very good.

I may not be able to try them all, but I´ll do my best, at least to try the ones that seems more interesting.

First of all we have to understand what a Pintxo is. It used to be a little snack, able to be eaten with your hands and mostly all the time was served over a piece of bread and eaten within a couple of bites. Nowadays it´s more likely to understand a pintxo as miniature dishes.
This year, the judges will be the famous chefs: Ferrán Adriá, Martín Berasategui, Juan Mari Arzak and more.
So with this in mind we start our tasting.
No particular order, I´ll let you know which one I like the most, and which one wins.

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