Thursday, April 23, 2009

La Huerta Restaurant

More of the Pintxo contest.

In La Huerta the kitchen is open through a window so we were able to check out how the Chef was preparing the hundred of pintxos sold every night. As you can see, he´s holding the pan were the eggs for the first pintxo were made.

Huevos Rotos & Lobster.
I wanted to try it because the combination sounded a little strange, but it was good, not as a winner good, but good. The eggs were made with all the juices of the lobster, so all the pintxo tasted like it, it was nice but I´ve tried, and shown, betters. Don´t you think?
Blood Sausage Fries with bean soup.
The sausage is mixed with some nuts and breadcrumbs, then roll into some kind of corn crumbs and fried. They were good but they only tasted like the sausage, as it has such a strong flavour it is really hard to combine it with anything but sweet or spicy. I guess a no-no for this part of the pintxo.
The soup was really good, homey flavour. I wish they would have done something better with it so it would had the chance to be at the finals.

Let´s try it harder for next years!!!

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