Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pintxo Bar

What if you go out for drinks and find this:

and these:

sitting in the´s pretty fun & funny. These are called PINXTOS and the Basque Country is famous for them. Although not all of them are similar, or even close, this one bar, Niza, is kind of modern, so the style to show up their beautiful bites is very "modernO" too.

There are different preparations, and it´s very hard to decide what you´re having.
They have in show: artichoke with gold power (very fancy), varieties of tempura (seafood, veggies, pork, etc) and red bell pepper stuffed, which we got.

It was crusty on the outside, and smooth on the inside, this Piquillo pepper is quite similar to red bell pepper, which has been stuffed with some kind of meat preparation like bolognese sauce, and then all fried in tempura.
How do they manage to do it, no idea, but it was very delicious.

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