Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Bocadillo is a sandwich made with half a baguette, yes, half of it!!!! at first you get to see this huge sandwich and imagine that there is no way you could eat it all, but "yes, you can"!!!The filling is as simple as great, Spanish Ham and green bell peppers. The Ham was specially good, as it was cooked in a pan without any oil a couple of seconds to make it a little bit crispy, and the peppers were softly boil in olive oil until they became soft and almost sweet (which you can prepare in advance and have them store in the fridge for further use). So simple, so real, so healthy and so great. Give it a try, you can´t go wrong.
p.s. the cheese was an extra that I asked for, of course not needed at all, so ended up leaving it on the side, just like it came from the kitchen.

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